About Pho Anh Vu

Established in 2019, Pho Anh Vu is among the best Vietnamese Restaurants in North York well known for the authentic tastes and recipes for regional Vietnamese food such as Pho from Northern Vietnam or Bun Bo Hue from Central Vietnam. Located in the heart of North York, ON, with a large parking lot and dining spaces both indoor and outdoor, Pho Anh Vu offers the best Vietnamese food experience for both families and big groups. The majority of “Pho Vietnam” and other Vietnamese dishes at Pho Anh Vu have received glowing praise from guests, especially Vietnamese guests, for their original tastes. At Pho Anh Vu, all ingredients are selected and prepared within the day to ensure the quality and freshness of each dish served. The most special dishes at Pho Anh Vu include Pho Vietnam, Bun Bo Hue, Bun Cha Hanoi, Bun Cha Ca Hai Phong, etc. At Pho Anh Vu, all health precaution measures are strictly followed to ensure safety for both staff and guests. The safety measures include regular disinfection of dining spaces, mandatory facemasks, and social distancing, etc.


From an early age, our main Chef has followed her mother helping in the kitchen. Her passion for cooking and her love for Vietnamese food has been growing ever since this one-of-a-kind childhood experience. Chef Hana Vu is passionate about introducing the essence of Vietnamese food to Canada and the world. The family recipes and original taste of dishes at Pho Anh Vu have been widely popular among the Vietnamese community living in Canada. Come and explore the full palate of flavours in Vietnamese signature cuisines at Pho Anh Vu!

The Vietnamese Pho’s broth at Pho Anh Vu boasts a delicious amber shade consisting of well-made soup stock and tastefully formulated spice mix, which create the exact taste of Pho from Northern Vietnam. On a different taste, the broth for Hue’s vermicelli with beef is rich in spices making such a depth in flavour that can only be found in Hue’s traditional cuisines. Back to the coastal city of Hai Phong in northern Vietnam, the broth for Hai Phong’s spicy vermicelli with fish is a feast for the taste buds with a delectable combination of spicy and sour taste. There are other Vietnamese dishes on Pho Anh Vu’s menu, all with original flavours, that will satisfy even the most demanding tastes.